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Saturday, December 8, 2012 - 9:00 A.M.


Vintage Japanese motorcycle collectors are urged to attend this "No-Reserve" auction being held for Mr. Dave Bauerbach, Muscatine, IA. Dave has always been a motorcycle enthusiast and operated a motorcycle dealership in the Muscatine, IA area for many years. He and his late friend and partner, Jim Norris, were very well known in the vintage Japanese motorcycle market industry.
As stated above every item will positively sell at unreserved auction, regardless of price. Although we encourage your attendance, there will be live internet bidding on all motorcycles and significant parts.
Brief sale order: 9:00 A.M. miscellaneous parts and collectibles. 10:00 A.M. Live internet bidding will begin starting with all motorcycles and then getting into the cataloged parts. We will then finish with the balance of unlotted parts and collectibles. Be watching our website ( as we will be updating the site with lot numbers and photos as the auction date gets closer. Anyone wishing to bid live online can register now!
Once again, mark your calendars for this great collection and make plans to attend.

Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC & Dave and Theresa Bauerbach

Motorcycles to include: 1974 Yamaha TA 125 Production road racer. VIN: 400-990216. Original, unrestored, new fairing, runs good; 1975 Yamaha TZ 350 B Production road racer. VIN: 383-991873. Original, unrestored, new fairing & new top end, rebuilt crank and 4LS front brake. Runs good; 1988 Yamaha TZ 250-U Production road racer. VIN: 3AK-000586. Very good condition, runs well; 1970 Ducati 250cc MK 3 Desmo. VIN: 106407. Rebuilt top end, runs good. Fiberglass formula 3 tank and seat. Clip on bars, new rims with stainless steel spokes; 1967 Honda 305 CL 77 Scrambler. VIN: CL771050730. Good original condition, not restored. 6,125 miles, runs good; 1985 Yamaha RZ 350. Original condition, runs good, seat cowl, Toomey pipes and air box. 10,000 miles; 1968 Yamaha DT1 VIN: DT1-06650. Totally original, 2,500 miles. Runs good; 1979 Yamaha SR 500, VIN: 272-021176. Stock, runs good, 8,665 miles; 1972 Yamaha LS2 100 cc twin. Parts bike; 1979 Yamaha QT50 Moped. VIN: 3L5-704355. Runs; 1970's Speedking frame dirt tracker with 1973 Yamaha RT1 360cc motor; 1972 Champion frame twin dirt tracker with 1972 Yamaha DS7 250 cc twin motor; 1972 Trackmaster frame dirt tracker with 1973 Yamaha DT1 250 cc motor; 1974 H2 750 rolling chassis; 1971 H1 500 complete bike & 19,961 miles on odometer; 1970 H1 500 nearly complete and 1,319 miles on odometer; 1983 Suzuki GS 1100E with 21,865 miles on odometer; 1980 Honda CT110 complete bike with 11,919 miles on odometer; 1972 Honda CT90, looks complete & 3,757 miles on odometer; 1973 H2 750, looks complete with 19,037 miles on odometer; 1975 H1 500, looks original & 2,674 miles on odometer.

Motors to include: 1967-68 Kawasaki 250 twin A1E; 1972 Yamaha 350 twin R5; 1970 Yamaha RT1 360 cc single; 1988 Yamaha TZ 250-U 250 twin; 1972 750; 1974 750; 1972 500.

Other items such as: Yamaha early 1960's NOS dealer parts inventory; Yamaha TD "TZ NOS parts: cylinders, pistons, rings; Yamaha TZ Used parts: seats, fairings; Yamaha used TZ 750 cylinders & heads, wheels & expansion chambers; Honda CB-CL 77 used and NOS parts; BMW/2 used and NOS parts; Ducati single used parts; NOS early 60's Yamaha piston kits, ring sets, gasket kits, carb kits; Yamaha parts & service manuals 1960's to 1980's; Yamaha special tools 1960's; British special tools; NOS Kawasaki H1 and H2 fuel tanks, front & rear fenders, cylinders, and exhaust systems; NOS Kawasaki KZ900 Z1A – Z1B parts; NOS Kawasaki F5 350 Big Horn parts; #35003-015 Chrome front fender for a KZ900, Z1A-Z1B. Brand new, still in OEM package; #35004-036 Chrome front fender for a 69-72 H1 through H1C. Brand new, still in OEM package; #35004-060-67 Orange front fender for a 72 H1B. The color is listed as Pearl Candy Orange. There are 3 of them, brand new, still in OEM package; #35022-060-67 Orange rear fender for a 72 H1B. Pearl Candy Orange, new, still in OEM package; #35004-060-69 Blue front fender for 72 H2. The color is listed as Pearl Candytone Blue. OEM package; #13081-1014 Complete clutch assy. for KZ900-1000's. Looks to be new, never installed; #11005-056 (s.s. to 11005-056-21) This is a new, still in box cylinder for a 70-71 F5 350 Big Horn; #51001-082-1Y Fuel tank for a 73-74 H1D/E. The color is Candy Lime and is in perfect condition in OEM box; #51001-102-2V Fuel tank for a 75 H2C. The color is Candytone Super Red; #K14046-106 Complete Gasket set for an H1. Brand new, still in OEM package; #K14046-211 Top end gasket set for a H1. Brand new, still in OEM package; #K14046-212 Top end gasket set for a H2. Brand new, still in OEM package; #16001-192 These are brand new carbs still in the OEM boxes; #18001-036 Muffler for a 72-73 S2 350 triple. Brand new, still in OEM package; #36001-037-1X Left panel for a 74 H1E. The color is Candy Red; #13029-020 (s.s to 13029-021) .020 piston and rings for a F3 175 series dirt bike. New in OEM package; #16082-042, This is a 72 H2 oil pump. It is brand new, but not in OEM package; #16115-002, This is a dipstick for a C2SS/C2TR 120c.c Roadrunner, A series 250/350, and H2. There are 3 of them new, but not in OEM package; #54005-037 Front brake cable for an F3 175/ F4 250. Brand new, still in OEM package; Numerous NOS mufflers and pipes; Also selling wheels, tires, fenders, other gas tanks; Collectibles and miscellaneous such as Rickman / Metisse lighted sign, Yamaha / Norris sign insert, vintage race uniform, manuals, motorcycle tools, and lots of other unlisted items.

Directions & Motel Information:
Sale to be held at Sullivan Auction Site located 11⁄2 miles east of Hamilton, IL on Hwy. 136. Hamilton, IL is located in extreme West Central IL. Approx. 150 miles north of St. Louis, MO, approx. 100 miles south of Moline, IL or approx. 200 miles southeast of Des Moines, IA.
Motels to include: Holiday Inn, Keokuk, IA (319-524-8000), Fairfield Inn, Keokuk, IA (319-524-9000), Hampton Inn, Keokuk, IA (319-524-6700), Prairie Winds Motel, Carthage, IL (217-357-3101), Smokin' Gun Hunting Lodge, Hamilton, IL (217-847-2227)
There are numerous great restaurants located around the area.

We have scheduled a preview / open house for Friday afternoon, December 7. Anyone arriving in the area will be able to take a look at the items on that day from 12:00 noon - 5:00 P.M.


1066 E. US Highway 136, P.O. Box 111
Hamilton, IL 62341-0111
Phone: 217-847-2160
Fax: 217-847-6246

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