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Outstanding No-Reserve Collector Tractor Auction

The Jeff Collins Collection

Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. EDT

Auction Venue: The Saginaw County Fairgrounds, 11350 Peet Rd., Chesaning, MI 48616

Directions: From Chesaning, MI, take Front Street south approximately 1.7 miles to Peet Road, then right or west approximately 1 mile to the fairgrounds.

(Chesaning is located in central Michigan, approximately 30 miles southwest of Saginaw)



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Tractor enthusiasts, make plans now to attend this outstanding collector tractor auction! Every item positively sells to the highest bidder. Jeff Collins along with his late grandfather were very particular in the items they purchased and you’ll find this to be an exceptional offering of highly sought-after tractors, hit ‘n miss engines and related items. Due to a limited amount of parking at Jeff’s home, we will be holding the auction less than away at the Saginaw County Fairgrounds. Live internet bidding prior to and during the auction; Internet catalog now available online (view catalog for numerous photos of each tractor). No onsite buyer’s premium or loading fees. Items must be removed by Tuesday September 11th unless other arrangements are made (if the buyers cannot pick up their items by September 11th, they can be moved back to Jeff’s place for a few additional days). Loader tractor and auction personnel will be available to loadout. We encourage all buyers to bring their trailers. Lunch available on the grounds. Not responsible for accidents, errors or omissions. Announcements sale day take precedence.

Any questions, feel free to call Jeff Collins (989) 277-7196


Friday, September 7 from 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.



  • Everything must be settled for in full day of sale.
  • Valid ID required for registration.
  • Announcements sale day take precedence.
  • Not responsible for accidents, errors, or omissions.



Auction personnel will be available sale day through Tuesday, September 11th to assist with loadout.



Holiday Inn Express Birch Run • (877) 859-5095 (18 miles from Chesaning)

The Pines Country Inn, Owosso • (989) 723-9000 (13 miles from Chesaning)

The Comstock Inn, Owosso • (989) 725-0999 (13 miles from Chesaning)



Dan Sullivan (319) 795-1833 & Zach Hiner (260) 437-2771

John Deere Collector Tractors

Unless otherwise stated, every tractor is professionally restored and will have new, or like new, tires. Please view the Proxibid catalog link on our website (www.SullivanAuctioneers.com) for multiple photos of each tractor.

  • (Unless otherwise stated, every tractor has been professionally restored, always shedded and will suit the most particular collector.)
  • John Deere A “High Crop” all fuel tractor, factory wide front, 14.9-38 rear tires & 7.50-20 front tires, SN 701081, RARE – Very few produced
  • John Deere AO tractor, orchard, 16.9-26 rear tires & 6.50-16 front tires, SN 280808
  • John Deere R tractor, diesel, 2 Cyl. pony motor, 18.4-34 rear tires & 7.50-18 front tires, auxiliary coil pull start, PTO, rear weights, SN 6400
  • John Deere 830 diesel tractor, pony motor, power steering, inside rear weights, hyd., 18.4-34 rear tires & 7.50-18 front tires, SN 8301857
  • John Deere 330 gas tractor, wide front, front and rear weights, 3 pt w/top link, PTO, 11.2-24 rear tires & 5.50-16 front tires, SN 330184
  • John Deere 430 tractor, gas, single front wheel, 11.2/10-34 rear tires & 7.50-10 front tires, 3 pt, PTO, SN 155278
  • John Deere 530 gas tractor, factory wide front, factory 3 pt w/top link, flat top fenders, power steering, 13.6-38 rear tires & 6.0-16 front tires, SN 5309465
  • John Deere 630 tractor, gas, factory wide front, 3 pt, flat top fenders, 14.9-38 rear tires & 7.50-16 front tires, SN 6306949
  • John Deere 730 tractor, gas, factory wide front, 3 pt, flat top fenders, 15.5-38 rear tires & 6.50-16 front tires, SN 7312330
  • John Deere 1010 crawler, gas, CA-Agriculture model, 12″ tracks, 6′ blade, (5) rollers, rear counterweights, SN 10146 (thought to have been approx. 300 made), view green paint in photo
  • John Deere 420 crawler, #62 hyd. 6′ loader blade, 12″ tracks, (5) rollers, SN 1789
  • John Deere 430 crawler, gas, 14″ tracks, 6′ blade, PTO, (5) rollers, optional brush guard, drawbar, SN 148490
  • John Deere 440 crawler, diesel, 12″ tracks, 7.5′ blade, (5) rollers, PTO, drawbar, SN 453711
  • John Deere MC crawler, gas, 12″ tracks, 5′ blade, PTO, drawbar, SN 17153
  • John Deere 40 crawler, gas, 14″ tracks, 6′ blade, drawbar, (4) rollers, optional brush guard, SN 63323
  • John Deere 620 gas tractor, factory wide front, factory 3 pt w/top link, clamshell fenders, rear weights, 13.6-38 rear tires & 6.50-16 front tires, power steering, hydraulics, SN 6212214, (unrestored)
  • John Deere 620 tractor, gas, factory wide front, 3 pt, 13.6-38 rear tires & 6.00-16 front tires, clam fenders, unrestored and in original condition, SN 6211886
  • John Deere Model D tractor, front and rear spokes, 13.6-28 rear tires & 7.50-18 front tires, brass carburetor, SN 125190
  • John Deere AR tractor, 14.9-26 rear tires & 7.50-16 front tires, PTO, SN 275564
  • John Deere Model-BO tractor, rear flat spokes, front round spokes, 13-24 front tires & 6.00-16 front tires, PTO, SN 325817
  • John Deere BR tractor, gas, wide front, rear flat spokes, front round spokes, 13.6-24 rear tires, and 6.00-16 front tires, PTO, SN 328039
  • John Deere MT tractor, gas, narrow front, clam style fenders, 11.2/10-34 rear tires & 5.00-15 front tires, PTO, hyd. up and down drawbar, SN 31557
  • John Deere 2010 gas tractor, wide front, 3 pt, PTO, hydraulics, SR trans., 13.9-36 rear tires & 6.00-14 front tires, original and 1,034 actual hours!, SN 45314, (Please Note: JD #71 planter sells separately)
  • John Deere 3010 tractor, gas, factory wide front, 3 pt, PTO, flat top fenders, front weights, SR trans., 15.5-38 rear tires & 11.00-15 front tires, unrestored and in original condition, SN 37296
  • John Deere 1010 tractor, diesel, factory wide front, 3 pt, PTO, 13.6-28 rear tires & 6.00-16 front tires, SN RU16244
  • John Deere M tractor, wide front, PTO, drawbar hitch, 11.2-24 rear tires & 5.00-15 front tires, SN 28258
  • John Deere 40 tractor, gas, wide front, 3 pt hitch, PTO, 14.9-24 rear tires, 6.00-16 front tires, SN 63821
  • John Deere H tractor, narrow front, 9.5-32 rear tires & 4.00-15 front tires, SN 5469
  • John Deere B tractor, narrow front, PTO, clam fenders, 11.2-38 rear tires & 5.50-16 front tires, unrestored and in original condition, SN 284113
  • John Deere A tractor, unstyled, front and rear round spokes, 12.4-36 rear tires, older restoration, SN 416536
  • John Deere A tractor, styled, unrestored and rougher condition, SN 547744
  • Silver King tractor (details closer to sale day once we remove it from the shed)


Lawnmowers, Snowmobile & John Deere Bicycles

  • John Deere 110 riding lawnmower, metal seat, deck, all original!, SN A26396
  • John Deere 110 riding lawnmower, 4- speed, electric lift, original, SN 330597M
  • John Deere 60 riding lawnmower, metal seat, all original, deck, SN 021440M
  • International Cub Cadet lawn tractor, no deck, original
  • Ride-O-Matic lawn tractor, metal seat
  • John Deere F930 zero turn riding lawnmower, 60″ rear discharge deck, 868 hours, Onan gas engine, complete w/ PTO sowblower, SN 360534
  • Gravely riding lawnmower, tricycle, Promaster 18-H, 60″ front deck, Kohler 18 HP engine
  • eXmark “Metro” self-propelled mower, Kohler 14 HP engine
  • John Deere 80 dump lawn cart, SN 7550
  • John Deere Liquifire snowmobile
  • (3) John Deere bicycles, (2) red (1) black


Hit ‘n Miss Engines

  • Economy 7 HP hit ‘n miss engine, excellent restoration, mounted on steel truck, SN 173936
  • McCormick Deering 2.5 HP stationary engine, SN 9166
  • McCormick-Deering 1.5 HP hit ‘n miss engine, SN W94420
  • International Harvester 1.5 HP stationary engine, single fly wheel
  • 1.5 HP hit ‘n miss engine, SN 108515
  • The Heller-Aller Co. Model 54 windmill jack
  • (2) miniature shop built hit ‘n miss engines
  • Small hit ‘n miss engine


1930 Chrysler Car

  • 1930 Chrysler 2-door car, rumble seat, wooden wheels, Eng # U488, original title, Please Note: The engine has been replaced, although, the original engine will be sold with the car. The car has been stored inside and appears to be in very good condition. Updated photos will be available when the car is moved to the auction site.


Implements & Parts

  • (2) JD 2-bottom plows, fits MT and M tractors
  • (2) John Deere 3-bottom plows
  • (2) 1-bottom steel wheel pull-type plows
  • 2 row cultivator for JD MT tractor
  • John Deere roll-o-matic front end off JD 530 tractor
  • JD 3 pt arms and top links
  • JD starter and front pad weights
  • Various JD cylinders
  • Misc. JD parts to include, gaskets, starters, PTO covers, battery box, muffler, etc
  • Selection of steering wheels
  • 3 pt boom
  • John Deere A tractor, parts only
  • McCormick Cub 193 1-bottom plow
  • Tractor and implement manuals


Child’s Crawler, Signs, Misc.

  • Terra Cat child’s crawler w/Tecumseh 10 HP gas-powered engine, 8″ tracks, 42″ blade
  • Neon signs to include John Deere, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Michelob Light, Miller Light, Silver Bullet, Antiques, Watch Repair, Estate Sale, and others
  • Neon clock
  • Rototiller Model B1-6RS gas-powered garden tiller, SN 51235
  • Arines-Tiller Model C1 gas-powered garden tiller, SN 4961
  • Hand forge
  • Buzzsaw w/shaft and pully
  • Troy-Built gas-powered 5 HP chipper
  • 50 gal. poly pull-type sprayer w/booms and hand wand, B&S 3 HP engine
  • Copper Deer weathervane (full body)
  • LUC stationary engine (rough)
  • Steel pulleys
  • (4) cast iron seats
  • Tractor magazines
  • Worthington portable air compressor w/4 cyl. gas engine
  • Other miscellaneous items too numerous to list
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September 8, 2018
10:00 am - 11:55 pm
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Saginaw County Fairgrounds
11350 Peet Rd., Chesaning, MI, 48616, United States.
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