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  • STARTJul 12th - 9:30am

  • VENUEThe Bair Farm

Quality Collector Estate Auction

THURSDAY, JULY 12, 2018 AT 9:30 A.M. MDT

Auction to be held at the farm: 3969 West 4100 North, Mackay, ID 83251

(Mackay is located approximately 90 miles west of Idaho Falls, ID)

From Mackay, ID, take Highway 93 Southeast approximately 7 miles to Road 4100 N, then right, or West a short distance to a cattle guard crossing, then left down the long lane to the farm.

♦ Auction personnel will be onsite Tues. & Wed. from 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. for early viewing. 

♦ Load out assistance & loading dock…we encourage you to bring your trailers. 

Multiple auction rings, please come prepared with an extra bidder. 

Complimentary meal provided to all registered bidders. 

Majority of the tractors have been stored inside and were running when parked; although, WILL NOT be started sale day.

No on-site buyer’s premium or loading fees.

♦ All Idaho sales tax laws apply




Click here for the auction results!



Hilton Garden Inn…(208) 522-9500

Holiday Inn Express & Suites…(208) 542-9800

Residence Inn by Marriott…(208) 542-0000

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott…(208) 552-7378



This will be a live, on-site auction. Additionally, internet bidding will be available prior to and live during the auction.



Everything must be settled for in full day of sale. Valid ID required for registration. Announcements sale day take precedence. Not responsible for accidents, errors, or omissions.



Auction personnel will be available sale day through Sunday, July 15th to assist with loadout.



Make your summer plans now to attend this outstanding estate auction of rare and highly sought-after collector tractors, hit & miss engines, vehicles, farm primitives, plus much, much more! This is one event you won’t want to miss. Live auctions of this caliber seldom take place anymore. This will be a no-reserve auction, every item will positively sell to the highest bidder. No onsite buyer’s premium or loading fees. Due to the size of this auction, we will be running (2) auction rings throughout the day, therefore, we strongly encourage everyone to bring an extra bidder! Internet bidding will be available prior to and during the live auction. Auction personnel will be available sale day through Sunday to assist in loadout. Complimentary lunch to all registered bidders. Not responsible for accidents, errors, or omissions. Announcements sale day shall take precedence.


Hit & Miss Engines

This will be without a doubt some of the nicest and hardest to come by hit & miss engines you’ll see anywhere! The majority of the engines are mounted on steel-wheel dolly carts and have been restored.

  • 1911 Stickney 10 HP, SN 10132
  • 1922 Fairbanks Morse Type Z 10 HP, SN 502780
  • 1908 IHC Famous 8 HP, SN B1275
  • 1910 IHC Famous 6 HP, SN JD1850
  • 1939 John Deere Type E 6 HP, SN 310529
  • Ingeco Type AM 6 HP, SN 4994
  • 1919 Fairbanks Morse Model Z 6 HP, SN 415068
  • 1934 Fairbanks Morse Model Z 5 HP, SN 778980
  • 1916 Economy 5 HP, SN 87040
  • Economy 5 HP, SN 340324
  • Novo 4 HP, SN 99562
  • IHC Type LB 3-5 HP, SN LBB40542 (not on cart)
  • Waterloo Big Chief 3 HP, SN 111434
  • 1924 John Deere Type E 3 HP, SN 238729
  • Havana 3 HP, SN 2609
  • Sandow 1 ½ HP, SN 1696 and Sandow 1 ½ HP, SN 3366, both mounted together on steel-wheel cart
  • 1929 McCormick-Deering 1 ½ HP, SN W80205
  • 1936 John Deere Type E 1 ½ HP, SN 336547
  • 1939 John Deere Type E 1 ½ HP, SN 349558
  • United Type A 1 ¾ HP, SN 111532
  • IHC Type LA 1 ½ – 2 ½ HP, SN 12370
  • IHC Type LB 1 ½ – 2 ½ HP, mounted on wooden deck w/red jacket water pump and on unusual steel wheel cart, SN 109722
  • Schmidts Chilled Cylinder Type B 1 ½ HP, SN 25474
  • IHC 1 HP
  • Ruston Hornsby Model Mark CR, diesel, believed to be 16 HP, mfg. England, SN 316132 (has been sitting out and not restored)
  • Several gas engines, various mfg.
  • Nice selection of Maytag style single cylinder gas engines w/ foot clutches to include: Lauson, Economy, Maytag, etc.
  • Unusual small steam engine used for popping popcorn
  • Several brass oilers


Collector Tractors

Unless stated otherwise, the following list of tractors have been restored by the late Ron Bair and we believe the restorations will suit all.

  • ’17 Waterloo Boy Model R, 12-24 HP, chain steer,SN 5356
  • ’20 Waterloo Boy Model N, 12-25 HP, chain steer, SN 20273
  • RARE ’16 Happy Farmer Model B, tricycle front, 12-24 HP, frame SN 4169 & engine SN 5838, very few produced!
  • 1919 Advance-Rumely Oil-Pull, 16-30 HP, SN 11087
  • ’25 John Deere “Spoker D”, front and rear steel, 15-37 HP, SN 31671
  • ’29 John Deere Model D, front and rear steel, 15-27 HP, SN 89219
  • ’37 John Deere Model D, 15-27 HP, 14.9-28 rear tires and 7.50-18 front tires, SN 135128
  • ’44 John Deere Model D, 30-38 HP, 14.9-30 rear tires and 7.50-18 front tires, SN 157954, original straight tin work
  • ’44 John Deere AR, 13.6-26 rear tires and 6.00-16 front tires, needs restored, SN 264714
  • John Deere 50, factory wide front, 3 PT, 12.4-38 rear tires and 5.50-16 front tires, SN 5015896, original straight tin work
  • ’37 John Deere Model B, un-styled, 9-14 HP, 11.2-36 rear tires and 5.00-15 front tires, SN 29718
  • ‘50 John Deere B styled tractor, 12.4-38 rear tires and 5.50-16 front tires, original, SN B266293
  • ‘36 John Deere Model A, un-styled, 16-24 HP, 13.9-36 rear tires and 5.00-16 front tires, SN 437779
  • ‘49 John Deere MT, single front wheel, has sat outside for many years, missing few parts, SN 17016
  • John Deere Model LA, 9.519-24 rear tires and 5.00-16 front tires, SN 1444
  • John Deere 420-T, 3 PT, 13.6-28 rear tires and 6.50-16 front tires, SN 101858, original straight tin work
  • Allis Chalmers G, 7.2-30 rear tires and 4.00-12 front tires, SN G412
  • Allis Chalmers G, 6.2-30 rear tires and 4.50-12 front tires, SN G13128, straight original tin work
  • Allis Chalmers G, 7-2-30 rear tires and 4.00-12 front tires, SN G423
  • Allis Chalmers B, 9-24 rear tires and 4.00-15 front tires, SN B55918
  • Power Horse A, 7.50-18 front and rear tires, SN 65, engine SN R6405G
  • Hart Parr 18-36, SN 88224
  • 1929 Hart Parr 12-24, 12-28 rear tires and 7.50-16 front tires, SN 41133 (was running when parked, but hasn’t ran in several years, needs restored)
  • IHC F14, 9-40 rear tires and 5.00-15 front tires, SN 154413
  • Oliver 60 gas utility tractor, 11.2-24 rear tires, 5.60-15 front tires, tear drop fenders, SN 413237
  • Oliver 70 gas tractor, single tricycle front, fenders, 12.4-38 rear tires, original w/both original side tin work, missing SN tag
  • Oliver Model 68-G crawler, PTO, drawbar, 12” tracks, needs restored, SN 4501256
  • Ford Model T conversion tractor, rear steel, front wooden spokes on 4.50-21 front tires
  • Case RC, gooseneck front, original closed center tires (weather check), has sat outside for many years, SN 4228083
  • ’38 John Deere G un-styled tractor, has sat out for many years, SN 4604
  • John Deere G un-styled tractor, has sat out for many years, SN 2433
  • John Deere A un-styled tractor, has sat out for many years, SN tag faded and unreadable
  • Gibson Model AEH w/front blade
  • John Deere 4520 tractor, PS trans., 2 hyd. outlets, 1000 PTO, 3 PT, flat top fenders, 20.8R38 rear tires, 11.00-16 front tires, sells complete w/JD 158 loader, SN T813P 005608R


Implements, Attachments, Parts and other Tractor Support Items

  • John Deere No. 4 horse-drawn sickle bar mower, nice restoration
  • Allis Chalmers 3-bottom pull-type plow on steel
  • MM “Tumble Bug” 2-bottom pull-type plow on steel, very unique and rare
  • John Deere 2-bottom bidirectional pull-type plow on steel
  • Oliver No. 21 2-way pull-type plow on steel
  • IHC 2-bottom pull-type plow on steel
  • John Deere 2-bottom pull-type plow on steel
  • John Deere 2-way plow on steel
  • (2) 2-way V-bottom plows, mounted
  • John Deere 1-bottom pull-type plow (unusual)
  • Emerson 2-bottom plow on steel
  • Case 2-bottom pull-type plow on steel
  • Sulky single-bottom plow on steel
  • Oliver No. 4, 24” 2 row potato digger, on steel, 540 PTO
  • JD 2 row potato digger, 540 PTO
  • Single row potato digger, ground drive
  • Oliver single row potato digger, steel wheels, 540 PTO
  • (2) John Deere 2 row potato planters
  • Pull-type grader on steel
  • John Deere 2 row planter on steel
  • Horse-drawn steel wheel cultivator
  • John Deere 12’ double disc grain drill
  • Dain horse-drawn sickle bar mower on steel
  • 4.5’ gang pull-type disk
  • John Deere No. 25 manure loader, complete
  • Case threshing machine on rubber-tired gear, SN 520628
  • John Deere D power unit, type W, SN W-4410
  • JD 37 pull-type sickle bar mower
  • IHC 3 pt backhoe w/24” bucket
  • John Deere 115 9’ blade w/ JD hyd. cylinder
  • Shop-built portable log splitter, electric over hyd. power unit
  • 9’ 3 pt cultivator
  • 6’ harrow section
  • Tisco 3 pt post hole digger
  • Ford 3 pt rollover dirt scoop
  • Pallet fork attachments
  • 3 pt single shank cultivator
  • Large selection of tractor and implement parts to include: carburetors; magnetos; starters, steering wheels; hand cranks; tractor umbrellas, cast iron tool box lids, etc.
  • Steel wheels
  • Few other older pieces of farm machinery


Collector Vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicle

  • RARE 1922 Willy’s Knight car, rear spare tire, Goodrich Silvertown 32×4 white wall tires, valveless engine, original Willy’s hubcaps, nice older restoration
  • ’29 Ford Model A truck, professional restoration, wooden stake stock racks
  • Ford Model A “kit car” roadster
  • 1925 Ford Model T truck, incomplete cab, partial restoration
  • Early Coot All Terrain Amphibious Unit, front and rear roll bars, original, will literally go anywhere, including water!


Collector Lawnmowers, Scooters, Snowmobile

  • John Deere 112 lawn tractor, fenders, steel seat, SN 016885 M, original
  • Case 195 lawnmower w/deck, Hydrostatic drive, Kohler gas engine, SN 9622288, original
  • Universal Model 30 lawn tractor, less deck
  • Early Bombardier “ski-doo” Alpine snowmobile, Rotax single cylinder gas engine, original and complete, SN DD7 86254
  • Cushman “Trailster” scooter, “The Husky” motor, front light, original
  • Cushman “Trailster” scooter, “The Husky” motor, front light, original
  • Trail-Cycle “Outlaw” scooter
  • Bonham “Tote Gote” scooter w/rear buddy seat
  • Suzuki 90 trail bike w/banana seat
  • Honda Trail 70 trail bike
  • Small vintage scooter
  • Viper Mfg. by Viza gas-powered scooter
  • Whizzer “Motorbike” (reproduction)


UTV & ATV, Utility Tractor, Trailers, Canoes

  • Honda Pioneer 500 4wd side-by-side, winch, front and rear hitch, ROPS, 143 hours, 1,392 miles
  • John Deere 620i 4wd Gator, power dump bed, ROPS & 871 hours
  • Suzuki Quad Runner 4wd ATV w/front and rear racks, 1,430 miles
  • John Deere 850 lawn tractor, 3 PT, 540 PTO, 70” deck, 13.6-16 turf tires, 1,775 1-owner hours, SN 003968
  • John Deere 5’ 3 PT tiller, 540 PTO
  • Trail King TK12U 16’ tandem axle bumper hitch utility trailer w/ drop-down ramps
  • 4’ x 3’ lawn utility trailer complete w/25 gal. tank w/12V motor
  • 6’ x 4’ bumper hitch utility trailer w/”pop-up” tent
  • 8’ x 4’ shop-built parade wagon complete w/spring buggy seat
  • Ranch King 42” lawn sweep
  • (2) fiberglass canoes (1 in good shape the other is in poor condition)


Gas Pumps

  • Wayne 615 visible gas pump, John Deere paint scheme, SN 4166-Y
  • Wayne 515 visible gas pump, Texaco paint scheme, SN 5441-G
  • (3) fuel barrels w/Erie hand pumps
  • (2) round fuel tanks w/hand pumps
  • (2) Gas pumps, need restored


Blacksmith Tools

  • Anvil, 28.5” x 4.25”, mounted on wooden block (excellent)
  • Anvil, 24.75” x 3.75”, mounted on wooden block (excellent)
  • Anvil, 30” x 4.5”
  • Anvil, 24.5” x 4”
  • Anvil, 18.5” x 3.25”
  • (2) Blacksmith swage blocks, (1 large, 1 small)
  • 50” mandrel cone, missing approx. 3” off the tip
  • Forge, mfg. by Champion Blower & Forge Co. Lancaster, PA
  • Forge rivet punch machine w/extra plates, mfg. by Buffalo Forge Co. Buffalo, NY
  • (2) Hand-operated forge blower
  • A Little Giant No. K-6883 50lb. power trip hammer
  • Metal No. 13 lathe
  • Large wall-mounted drill press
  • 2-wheel combination grindstone/wire brush on stand
  • Hawkeye Mfg. trip hammer

Above 5 listed tools are all line-shaft driven and in operation in the blacksmith shop!

  • Nice selection of hand forge tools, special hammers, anvil accessories, and special bits

Please Note: The late Ron Bair transported a wood shed to his ranch and set up his own complete working blacksmith shop that will also be sold.


Early Farm Collectibles

  • Aermotor windmill, complete and as nice a windmill as you’ll find anywhere (to be removed by new buyer)
  • Junior cider press, pat. 1872, solid oak, early 90s restoration
  • Small Letz burr mill w/pully
  • Corn grinder, pulley operated and mounted on skids
  • John Deere Model IB hand corn sheller and box-style corn sheller
  • Cast iron #4 bell complete w/yoke, mfg. C.S. Bell & Co. Hillsboro, OH
  • 2-wheel grindstone, foot-operated, complete w/cast iron seat
  • DeLaval No. 12 cream separator, complete
  • Small cream can w/original lid
  • Several half pint glass milk bottles
  • (4) early chainsaws to include: unusual Cummins “Sally Saw”, possibly NOS; (2) David Bradleys; and Holiday
  • Unusual tricycle front cultivator mfg. Bean Cutler Division, CA w/front-mounted Wisconsin gas motor
  • Gas-powered steel-wheel simplicity-style sit-on tractor w/front cleats
  • “The Clipper” small fanning mill (resembles salesman size although not old)
  • Approx. (15+) cast iron and metal implement seats (JD, Deering, Walter Wood, Stoddard, Champion, etc.)
  • RR cart, 9.5’, possibly out of old depot
  • Other RR carts, some low profile
  • Several RR jacks and RR lanterns
  • RR crossing lights
  • Fairbanks platform scales w/weights
  • Star wooden ice cream maker complete w/stand and pully
  • Excellent selection of early hand tools to include: wood planes, adjustable wrenches, open end wrenches, fencing pliers, breast drills, hammers, hatchets, levels, single and double bit axes, coping saws, and the list goes on and on! Note: Mfg.’s. to include: John Deere, Simmons, Reed, Trimo, Mansur, Deering, Buffalo, Bemis, Collins and others
  • Brass hand torches
  • Several animal traps
  • (3) hand crank rope machines
  • Cutter harness set, horse collars, bridles, bits, hames, saddles, etc.
  • Selection of early gas cans, some w/safety lids
  • Oil bottles, majority w/galvanized spouts
  • Several oil cans to include John Deere in original blue color
  • Enterprise lard press
  • 1 row planter, chain drive w/original handles
  • Brass hand pumps
  • Wire hand potato baskets, potato belts, and foot-operated potato diggers
  • Long handled tools to include: 2 & 3-pronged binder forks, scythes, hand planters, etc.
  • Large quantity of other early farm primitives


Lathes & Metalworking Tools, Shop Tools, Garden Tillers, etc.

  • Jet Model #GH-1340W geared head engine lathe, excellent, SN 709N 2149N
  • Jet Model #JVM-836-1 vertical milling machine, excellent, SN 70101405
  • 4’ metal brake
  • Dayton 52” metal brake
  • Large commercial drill press
  • Duro floor model drill press
  • Delta drill press
  • Ridgid #300 pipe threader complete w/dies, reversible, on tripod
  • Heavy duty commercial shop press
  • Overhead A-frame w/hoist on trolley
  • W.F. Wells horizontal band cut off saw
  • Carolina Model HV12 horizontal band cut off saw
  • Sandblasting machine on stand
  • Carolina engine hoist cherry picker
  • Hyd. pallet forks
  • (2) 2-wheel grinders on stands
  • Military aluminum interlocking landing strips, would be useful for many other uses
  • Round welding table w/large vise
  • Lincoln 4-ton floor jack
  • Miller Dialarc 250 AC/DC welder
  • Acetylene torch outfit complete w/tanks and cart
  • Kubota military-style diesel-powered generator, mfg. Japan, SN 789151
  • Jensen pump jack
  • Large commercial Detroit diesel-powered power unit on 2-wheeled trailer
  • Large Sanborn 80 gal. upright stationary shop air compressor
  • Central 21 gal. air compressor
  • Sanborn portable air compressor
  • Coleman Powermate portable power washer w/Honda 5 ½ HP engine
  • Sioux valve seat grinder
  • 10-ton Porta Power
  • R & D parts cleaner
  • Several log chains and chain binders
  • Handyman jack
  • Metal bolt bins, stocked
  • 100’s of drill bits
  • Precision tools to include micrometers, dial indicators, etc.
  • Snapper snow blower
  • (2) garden tillers
  • Hand garden planter w/extra seed plates


Toys & Signs

  • (2) John Deere pedal tractors
  • Selection of farm toys to include: JD tractors, hit & miss engines, gas pumps, cars, trucks, and other farm toys, Note: Majority are newer Ertl’s
  • Few metal reproduction signs, majority pertaining to agriculture



Bair Trust by R. Steven Bair Personal Representative for the Trust


Zach Hiner, Auction Manager
Cell: 260-437-2771
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July 12, 2018
9:30 am - 11:55 pm
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The Bair Farm
3969 West 4100 North, Mackay, ID, 83251, United States.
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