22nd Annual Trump Bred Heifer Auction

Trump Calendar22

Friday, November 25, 2022 - 1:00 pm Central


Carthage, Illinois

Auction to be held at Carthage Livestock, Inc. | 1300 Wabash Ave., Carthage, IL, 62321

Trump Calendar22


Harold & Marvis Trump

Evening (660) 866-2240 | Cell (660) 341-5730


Bryce & Karlee Burr

Bryce (660) 216-7566 | Karlee (660) 956-5583

Managed By

Cody Holst (217) 242-8747

Michael Sullivan (309) 333-0916

General Information

170 Reputation Bred Heifers

  • 170 head of fancy Angus bred heifers: 85 confirmed AI’d to “Brickyard” with the balance bred natural service to performance tested registered calving ease Angus bulls that meet the Missouri Select Heifer criteria.
  • The AI’d heifers are due to calve on January 23rd.
  • The natural service-bred heifers will start calving on February 6th for approximately 55 days (A large majority will calve in Feb./March).
  • Heifers will be sold in small, uniform lots.
  • Complete and thorough vaccination program to include Cattle Master 4 + VL5 and Spirovac VL5. All heifers are calfhood vaccinated and have had their first round of Scour Guard shots.
  • All heifers in this sale have been ultrasounded, tested free for BVD, CHV & eligible to go to any state.
  • All heifers will carry a “Show Me Select” ear tag!

For information on the “Show-Me-Select” program, contact Zac Erwin (660) 626-3891, University of Missouri Livestock Specialist

AI Reference Sire: Brickyard


170 Reputation bred heifers